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          Pre-Licensed Loan Officer Real Estate Sales & Marketing Mentoring Program


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     Package-3 home study courses                                Package-2 home study courses

           *Real Estate Principles                                                                    *Real Estate Finance

              *Real Estate Finance                                                                        *Real Estate Practice

              *Real Estate Practice                                                                        *Personal Consultation

              *Real Estate Exam SMART Guide

              *REL's proprietary booklet of tips, notes, and outlines (only for LIVE)

              *Personal Consultation


                                            Real Estate Principles (click here)

                                                Real Estate Practice (click here)

                                                Real Estate Finance (click here)


bullet Real Estate Principles: Home Study and LIVE


Fundamental principles, economic, law, working concepts, and terminology.  Understand California real estate law as preparation for the salesman and broker examinations. (45 hours)

Our LIVE sessions supplement the correspondence course with Q&A sessions and our proprietary notes and outlines. Live Sessions consist of 4 sessions with  each session at 5 hours to be held in San Jose. Location may vary. See below for pricing.

Week                     Textbook                                            Live Training                   


1                 Chap 1: Intro to Real Estate                            Real & Personal Property  

                   Chap 2 (Part I): Legal Description                   Land Description

                   Chap 2 (Part I): Acquire Title                          Acquiring Title                                                                      

                   Chap 2: (Part II) Estates                                 Estate Freehold


2                 Chap 11: Landlord-Tenant Relations                Landlord-Tenant

                   Chap 2: (Part II) Holding Title                         Methods of Holding Title

                   Chap 3: Encumbrances (Part 1)                       Encumbrances

                   Chap 3: Encumbrances (Part 2)                       Encumbrances



3                 Chap 4: Real Estate Agency                            Agency

                   Chap 5: Real Estate Contracts (Part 1)            Contract Law                   

                   Chap 5: Real Estate Contracts (part 2)            Contract Law

                   Chap 7:  Finance                                            Finance

                   Chap 8: (Part I) Real Estate Lenders

                                (Part II) FHA, VA


 4                Chap 9:  Appraisal                                        Appraisal

                   Chap 6:  Math                                              Math               

                   Chap 10: Escrow & Title Insurance                Taxation                                   

                   Chap 13: Taxation                                        Review for the State Exam



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bullet Real Estate Practice: Home Study

This course provides you with specific laws, regulations, and requirements to assist you in better applying to your practice. Emphasis on day-to-day practical knowledge needed by persons engaged in real estate business; procedures, forms, contracts, licensing laws; State of California Code of Professional Responsibility; and NAR Code of Ethics. (45 hours)

Optional: To bridge the gap between theorem and practicum, live training in Real Estate Sales is recommended to accompany this correspondence course.

Course Outline:

Chap 1         The Real Estate Profession                                           3 hrs

Chap 2         Marketing                                                             3 hrs

Chap 3         Listing Agreement                                                       3 hrs

Chap 4         The Buyer                                                                   3 hrs

Chap 5         Disclosures                                                                 3 hrs

Chap 6         The Purchase Agreement                                            3 hrs

Chap 7         Accurately Creating a Good Purchase Agreement          3 hrs

Chap 8         Real Estate Financing                                                  3 hrs

Chap 9         Taxes                                                                         3 hrs

Chap 10       The Insurance and Escrow                                           3 hrs

Chap 11       Property Management                                                  3 hrs

Chap 12       Ethics                                                                         3 hrs

Chap 13       Real Estate Investment                                               3 hrs

Chap 14       Exchanges and Trade-in Programs                               3 hrs

Chap 15       Business Sales and Other Brokerage Activities             3 hrs


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bulletReal Estate Finance: Home Study     

Regulations and procedures for financing real estate; types of lenders; methods of qualifying for loan; uses of mortgages, trust deeds. This course provides the student with a foundation of basic financing concepts and the ability to develop problem solving capabilities in all areas of discussion. (45 hours)

Optional: To bridge the gap between theorem and practicum, live training for Loan Officers and New Agents is recommended to accompany this correspondence course.

Course Outline:


Chap 1         Nature and Cycle of CA Real Estate Finance                3 hrs

Chap 2         Money and the Monetary System                               3 hrs

Chap 3         Fiduciary Sources of Real Estate Finance                    3 hrs

Chap 4         Semi-fiduciary & Non-fiduciary Sources                     3 hrs

Chap 5         Conventional, Insured, & Guaranteed Loans               3 hrs

Chap 6         Financial Agencies & Lending Programs                     3 hrs

Chap 7         Junior Loans                                                           3 hrs

Chap 8         Loan Terms and Note Payments                                3 hrs

Chap 9         Instruments of Real Estate Finance                            3 hrs

Chap 10       Real Estate Loan Underwriting                                   3 hrs

Chap 11       Processing Real Estate Loans                                     3 hrs

Chap 12       Secondary Mortgages & Trust Deed Markets               3 hrs

Chap 13       Loan Defaults & Foreclosures                                    3 hrs

Chap 14       Investment Financing Strategies                                3 hrs

Chap 15       Mathematics of Real Estate Finance                            3 hrs


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Key Benefits

bulletGet your license under one umbrella
bulletA more personable touch
bulletLive trainings have a 90% passing rate


Description SKU # Price
Home Study: 1 Package (Choice of one: Principles, Finance, or Practice) + Exam Prep CD 1001C $155
Home Study: 2 Package (Any combination of two: Principles, Finance, or Practice) + Exam Prep CD 1002C $255
Home Study: 3 Package (Principles, Finance, and Practice) + Exam Prep CD 1003C $355
3-Course LIVE PACKAGE: Principles, Finance, Practice Textbooks + REL's Proprietary Notes & Outlines, State Exam Prep, LIVE 20 Hour Instructor-Led Sessions 1200 $595

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