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          Pre-Licensed Mortgage Loan Real Estate Sales & Marketing Mentoring Program


SAFE Comprehensive & CE Course

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SAFE Comprehensive Course(20 hrs) & Mortgage Loan Originator Training

Objectives: The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with topics on compliance and discipline issues pertaining to federal laws and regulations. We will cover ethics in mortgage lending, particular mortgage fraud and predatory lending.  In addition, we will review non-traditional loan products that have drawn red flags in the past. Finally, we will have a comprehensive overview of the intricate process of loan origination.  We will analyze and do hands-on activities:  loan origination, processing, underwriting, details of the new Good Faith Estimate, and computations on complex scenarios.   On completion of the course, one will have a better understanding of general mortgage knowledge and mortgage loan origination activities.  

Cancellation and Refund Policy: A student may cancel seven calendar days before class starts. However, if cancellation occurs less than the 7-day window, there is no refund; e.g., class starts on 2/15 but cancels on 2/9, no refund applies. . No one can sit in on the live sessions in the student�s place.

Privacy Policy:  REL: Real Estate and Loan School will not share your information with other institutions.

Material Needed: Mortgage Calculator (ex: HP-12C or Qualifier)

Qualifications of the Instructor:

Mary Shoane, broker, is a 20-year veteran of both mortgage experiences in wholesale and retail sales as well as in real estate�listing and selling. She was featured in an article in the San Jose Mercury about her journey as a trainer. She has written course materials and has trained at some of the major companies in Silicon Valley.

Chapter 1: Federal Lending Legislation (3 hours)

Section 1-1          Laws Requiring Financial Disclosure in Real Estate Transaction

                             1-1A: Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

                             1-1B:  Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

                             1-1C:  Homeowners Protection Act (HPA)

Section 1-2          Laws Protecting Privacy and Service

                             1-2A: Fair Credit Reporting Act

                             1-2B:  Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT)

                             1-2C:  Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (The Privacy Act)

Section 1-3          Laws Prohibiting Discrimination

                             1-3A: Civil Rights Act

                             1-3B:  Fair Housing Act

                             1-3C:  Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

                             1-3D: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)

Section 1-4          Laws Prohibiting Predatory Lending

                             1-4A: Home Ownership & Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)

Section 1-5           New Licensing Requirements

                             1-5A: SAFE Act

Quiz: Laws & Regulations


Chapter 2:  Ethics in Mortgage Lending (3 hours)

          Section 2-1          Ethical and Legal Consideration

          Section 2-2          Truth in Lending

          Section 2-3          Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)

          Section 2-4          Ethics in Advertisement

          Section 2-5          Mortgage Fraud

          Section 2-6          Predatory Lending

          Section 2-7          Case Studies

Quiz: Ethics

Chapter 3: Non-traditional Mortgage Products ( 2 hours)

          Section 3-1          ARM: Adjustabe Rate Mortgage

          Section 3-2          Subprime Loans

          Section 3-3          SAM: Shared Appreciation Mortgage

          Section 3-4          Reverse Mortgage

          Section 3-8          Land Contract

          Section 3-11        Wraparound Purchase Money Mortgage

          Section 3-12        Government Loan Programs: FHA & VA

 Quiz: Non-Traditional Products 

Chapter 4:  Mortgage Loan Originator Training:  (12 hours)

Section 4-1:         The Mortgage Lending Process (1 hour)

Role of the Mortgage Professional

Complete process from origination, underwriting, processing and close.

The loan approval process

Section 4-2:         Completing the loan application  (2 hours)

Analyze the 1008 and each section of the 1003

How to underwrite your loans

How to get a loan approval with compensating factors

Underwrite the loan package

Underwrite a sample scenario of the new 1008/1003

 What to look for on the new MLDS: Traditional and Non-Traditional

Good Faith Estimate:

Helpful tips to disclosing fees

Analyze Yield Spread Premium on the GFE

How to calculate Impound and Mortgage Insurance

Identifying items for APR computation

Section 4-3:         How to Read a Rate Sheet: (1 hour)

Basis Point Rate Sheet vs. Percentage Rate Sheet

 Watch for the fine prints when adding on price adjustments

Section 4-4:         Traditional Loan Programs: (1 hour)

Buy Down Mortgage

Bridge Loans

The Two-Step Mortgage

 Convertible Rate Loans

 Bi-Weekly Mortgage

Reduction Option Mortgage

Computation: (2 hours)

Quick tips on estimating costs for refinance and purchase

How to determine a refinance with no cost and no point

How to Calculate APR

How to calculate pre-payment penalty and blended rate

How to calculate qualifying loan amount when factors are missing

Section 4-5:         Credit Reporting and Credit Scoring: (2 hours)

How to read a credit report

 Uncover the mystery of credit scoring

Tips to improving credit scores

Frequently Asked Questions

Holding Title

Understand the tax implications of Community Property

How to determine Basis

What is step-up Basis?

Why is it that the manner in which you hold title is so important in your next refinance?

   Section 4-6:         How to read a Residential Appraisal Report (1 hour)

Analyze a residential appraisal report

Red flags that the underwriter would raise

How accurate is the report?

Key areas to look for when adjusting values.

Section 4-7:         How to Satisfy PTD/PTF Conditions (1 hour)

Analyze PTD/PTF conditions

Understand what is needed to satisfy the conditions

Section 4-8:         Income Property Appraisal (1 hour)

Analyze an Income Property Appraisal Report

Analyze Complex Scenarios using Computations

Compare different terms and rates and the recoup time on a refinance

 Use future value as a sales tool for investors

Should you refinance or stay with the current loan

Compare renting vs. buying and its tax implications




Class Sessions: the class sessions will be conducted in four (4) sessions. Each session is five (5) hours. There will be a 10-minute break for each hour of session.


Session 1:     Laws and Regulations (Chap 1)                  3 hours

                    Ethics (Chap 2)                                        2 hours

                                                                                  5 hours


Session 2:    Ethics-Chap 2 (continued)                           1 hour

                   Non-Traditional Products                            2 hours

                             (Chap 3)

                   Mortgage Loan Originator Training                    

                   Chap 4-Section 1                                       1 hour

                   Chap 4-Section 2 {first part})___                1 hour_____________

                                                                                  5 hours


 Session 3     Mortgage Loan Originator Training       

                   Chap 4-Sections 2 {continued})                  1 hour

                   Chap 4-Section 3                                      1 hour

                   Chap 4-Section 4                                      3 hours

                                                                                 5 hours


Session 4     Mortgage Loan Originator Training                 

                   Chap 4-Sections 5                                    2  hours

                   Chap 4-Section 6                                     1 hour

                   Chap 4-Section 7                                     1 hour

                   Chap 4-Section 8                                     1 hour
                                                                               5 hours

Material: Handouts will be provided to the students

Final Examination:  on completion of each chapter, a quiz will be given. Each quiz is open notes. Students are required to pass each quiz with 70% proficiency.

Laws and Regulations examination                     20 questions            20 minutes

Ethics                                                             10 questions            10 minutes

Non-traditional products                                   10 questions            10 minutes

 MLO FINAL EXAMINATION                               25 questions            20 minutes



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 SAFE Course: 8 Hrs Continuing Education (On-Line) $129

This package includes 8 hours of NMLS-approved continuing education training to fulfill the requirements. The course contents are as follows:

 2-Hour SAFE Non-Traditional Mortgage Products Trends

1-Hour SAFE Fair Housing & Lending-CE

2-Hour SAFE Ethics-Consumer Protection-CE

3-Hour SAFE Federal Law RESPA-CE


Course Guidelines:

(1)        You have 6 months from the date of enrollment to complete the course.

(2)       Quiz: there is a unit quiz in each course which requires a 70% passing.

(3)       Exam: there is a final exam at the end of each course which requires a 70% passing.

(4)              The quizzes and exams have no time frame and you have unlimited attempts to take them.

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Key Benefits

bulletTrain from a professional coach & trainer
bulletLearn on-the-job tips
bulletInformative and Interactive Activities


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SAFE 20-Hour Comprehensive Course & MLO Training (LIVE)

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SAFE 8-Hour Continuing Education On Line 2004 $129

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