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          Pre-Licensed Loan Officer Real Estate Sales & Marketing Mentoring Program


Real Estate Listing & Selling Agent Training


Boost Your Income And Be A High Producing Agent In San Jose

REAL ESTATE LISTING (Seller's Agent) & SELLING (Buyer's Agent)WORKSHOPS: These workshops are intended for licensed agents in real estate.  Upon completion of the workshops, you will be given a certificate. Ask about our group rates.


Listing Agent Training (Seller's Agent)  (click here)


Selling Agent Training (Buyer's Agent)  (click here)


Listing Agent Training (Seller's Agent)

Objectives:       This 10-hour workshop entails a segment on sales techniques and a comprehensive understanding of legal duties and obligations between agent and client. For those in real estate without the benefit of training, you will be given a step-by-step guide from prospecting to close, the intricate details of a listing transaction, and marketing tips. Finally, you will examine case studies that can prevent you from potential liabilities. Fee $495    

Session 1:   Marketing Tips

        Common mistakes made by sellers

        Tips to generate a referral base clientele

        Getting leads without costing you a fortune

        How to generate more leads from a listing

Session 2:   The Intricate Process of a Listing

        What to do before a listing presentation

        Surefire ways to a confirmed listing

        Steps to take at staging a home

Session 3:   Sales Presentation

        How to compile a presentation portfolio

        Know the fees and taxes on an Estimated Seller�s Proceeds

        Factors to determine the best list price

Session 4:   Understand the Listing Contract

        Agency Disclosure: What is �dual agency�

        Examine key points of the Listing Contract

        How to ensure the buyer closes the transaction

        How to protect the seller from liability

Session 5:   Disclosures for Sellers

        The importance of TDS, Natural Hazards, and other disclosures

        Consequences of Misrepresentation and Negligence

        Test your knowledge:  contract language with interactive games

        Completing a mock listing contract

Session 6:   Risk Management

        Examine legal actions against real estate broker/agent

        Avoid the most common legal cases of claims

        More Scenario cases and determine who wins the case


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Selling Agent Training (Buyer's Agent)

Objectives:         This 10-hour workshop is specifically designed for the buyer�s agent. We will cover an array of topics: from sales and marketing techniques to understanding contract language. We will show you a step-by-step guide to a seamless closing.  Finally, we have added a special component to this course: After you have completed the course, you will be teamed up with other graduates and will be working with the instructor on a marketing plan to get leads. The instructor will conduct a community workshop for the graduates. Fee $495

Session 1:        Before you show homes to the buyer

       Tips on prospecting for buyers

       How to pre-qualify a buyer

       How to show homes to buyers

       DOs and DONTs with buyers

Session 2:        Writing up an Offer

       Negotiation tools to use when making an offer

       An in-depth look at an Estimated Buyer Costs Sheet

       How to beat the competitors and get your offer accepted

 Session 3:        The Residential Purchase Contract

       Review key points that will make or break a deal

       Exit Strategies for the buyer in the contract

       Liquidated Damage-how it really works

       Have a thorough understanding of the Residential Purchase Contract

       How is the buyer�s agent protected in the contract

       How to be certain you get your commission 

Session 4:        What to do after the offer is accepted

       Step-by-Step Guide to closing a transaction

       How to be your own transaction coordinator

o      Review of all materials learned: from contracts to sales Strategies


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Key Benefits

bulletLearn about contract language from a professional
bulletUnderstand disclosures
bulletKnow the steps toward closing


Description SKU # Price
Real Estate Training for Listing Agent including the Mentorship Program 3001 $495
Real Estate Training for Selling Agent including the Mentorship Program 3002 $495
Group Discount 3200 TBD

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