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          Pre-Licensed Loan Officer Real Estate Sales & Marketing Mentoring Program


Step Up: Sales & Marketing Training   

This workshop is specifically designed for the licensed agents who want to expand their

client base and increase their sales volume. Our �step-by-step� approach walks you

through the sales process: from marketing tips, getting an appointment with ease,

making a sales presentation, to handling difficult objections. We will also show you

ways to be a great communicator and listener, essential tools in the making of a high-

producing agent. (4.5 hours)


Session 1:   Establishing a Business Portfolio


        Personality Traits for a Successful Agent

        Methods of Prospecting

        How to source your contacts

        How to Put Together a Profile

        Project: Write A Profile



Session 2:   Prepare a Marketing Plan


        Prospecting Tips

        What Makes you Different

        Marketing Ideas that have been proven Successful

        10 More Marketing Ideas that Don�t Cost you a Fortune

        Project: proposal for short-term and long-term marketing plan



Session 3:   Making a Sales Presentation


        Turn prospects into clients in 6 easy steps

        Get the next appointment by applying the art of small talk

        How to interpret body language and use it to your advantage

        Perfecting the sales language

        Improve your tonality

        Clearly articulate the language with sincerity and competence

        Preparing a Sales Presentation


Session 4:   How to Win over Objections


        Steps to take when You Have an Objection

        Learn to write a Script using your Own Voice

        Identify your client�s Needs vs. Wants

        How to turn an Objection to a Benefit

        Presentation: Role Play Handling Objections




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Key Benefits

bulletA great way to learn about marketing for new agents
bulletGreat tips for getting clients
bulletLearn about objection selling and how to handle them with ease


Description SKU # Price
Step Up Program: Sales & Marketing Training including Mentorship Program 4001 $495
Group Discount 4200 TBD

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