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We Offer a Comprehensive Real Estate and Loan Training Program for Pre-Licensed and Licensed Agents

Helping Build Real Estate Careers in Northern California

REL: Real Estate and Loan School is a real estate and loan school that provides pieces of training for both pre-licensed and licensed agents. The courses are DRE approved. We also offer a comprehensive real estate and loan training program for licensed agents.

REL: Real-estate and loan school

Our Training

For those of you who want a knowledgeable instructor to answer questions on your correspondence/home study courses (Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Finance, and Real Estate Practice), the training can clarify the intricate concepts of real estate into an easy-to-understand, interactive, Q & A format by using our proprietary notes and outlines. Sponsor ID S0408

Mini-Crash Course

This 4-week training also includes a mini-crash component that will help you pass the State exam. This course is tax-deductible as professional/vocational education. The sessions are divided into 4 sessions, with each session at 5 hours. Sponsor ID S0408

Course: Get Your Real Estate License 
Date: Saturdays, March 5, 12, 19, 26, 2022 
Time: 12:00 Noon - 5:00 PM
Class: Instructor-Led Class 
Telephone: (408) 264-1761

Fee: $595 includes Textbooks: Principles, Finance, Practice. REL's Proprietary Notes & Outlines, Exam Prep Questions, Instructor-Led Training, Private consultation, and more.

REL: Real-estate and loan school
REL: Real-estate and loan school

Mortgage Loan Originator

  • 20-Hour SAFE Course (Webinar or On-Line)
  • Dates: 3-Day Program: (Webinar) - $349
  • Study-Guide + Practice Exam $99
  • Study Guide + UST Prep + Flash Cards $125
  • Dates: 1-Week Program: (On-Line Instructor-Led "OIL") - $297
  • State Specific On-Line Instructor Led (2 hours) $69
  • CE Webinar (One-Day) $129

Our Mission

REL: Real Estate and Loan School is committed to excellence and provide extraordinary results. Comprehensive real estate education is our specialty.

REL: Real-estate and loan school

What We Do

REL's materials are specifically written keeping in mind the on-the-job practicalities. Unlike the traditional lecture format, REL's training is informative, interactive, and engaging. Those who have graduated from REL School have gone on to become high-producing agents.