Mary Shoane the Real Estate Expert

Mary Shoane is a well known experienced broker. She is a 20-year veteran in both mortgage experiences in wholesale and retail sales as well as in real estate--listing and selling. She has done it all. CA DRE Broker License #01168045.


Our Goal

When Mary Shoane came into the real estate industry, there were no formal training programs to help agents with transactions. Thus, REL: Real Estate and Loan School was founded. Mary's goal is to pass on the knowledge she gained in the industry to the agents new in the field and make their journey easier. With our courses, you will have everything you need to jump start your real estate career.


Mary has combined her teaching background with the real estate to provide others with the best knowledge of real estate. She is extraordinarily conscientious about what she does for her students and always with their interests in mind.

Helping People Succeed

Mary is dedicated to helping people succeed. She maintains the same earnestness and excitement in seeing her students become knowledgeable agents and, in turn, high-producing agents. Mary was recently on a featured article in the San Jose Mercury, Career Section, on her journey as a trainer.


With two Master's degrees in English and Education, Mary uses her trilingualism (English, Chinese, and Spanish) to understand and relate to her students and their challenges.