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Best Courses for Real Estate

REL: Real Estate and Loan School has created an attainable goal for those aspiring to become top producers. Our real estate courses are designed, created, and modeled after the most successful tools, strategies, and formulas you need to know to get to the top. (Sponsor #S0408)

REL: Real-estate and loan school
REL: Real-estate and loan school

Course Descriptions

Pre-licensing Courses: Below are real estate courses that have been approved by Department of Real Estate (Sponsor #S0408)

Mortgage Loan Originator

For New Agents who have received an NMLS license or endorsement, our comprehensive course is particularly helpful for new mortgage loan transactions. We also provide training in marketing and how to get clients by referral.

Real Estate Listing and Selling Agent Training

Our 10-hour workshop entails a segment on sales techniques and a comprehensive understanding of legal duties and obligations between agent and client. For those in real estate without the benefit of training, you will be given a step-by-step guide from prospecting to close, the intricate details of a listing transaction, and marketing tips. Finally, you will examine case studies that can prevent you from potential liabilities.

Our 10-hour workshop is specifically designed for the agent representing the buyer. We will cover an array of topics: from sales and marketing techniques to understanding contract language. We will show you a step-by-step guide to a seamless closing. Finally, we have added a special component to this course: After completing the course, you will be teamed up with other graduates and will be working with the instructor on a marketing plan to get leads. The instructor will conduct a community workshop for the graduates.

Our workshop is specifically designed for licensed agents who want to expand their client base and increase their sales volume. Our step-by-step approach walks you through the sales process: from marketing tips, getting an appointment with ease, making a sales presentation, to handling difficult objections. We will also show you ways to be a great communicator and listener, essential tools in making a high-producing agent.

REL: Real-estate and loan school

Mentoring & Team Building Program

REL has a Mentoring Program for agents who have completed our training. Personal Consultation with each agent can be arranged. Our Team Building Program is intended for agents who need moral support marketing to the community. REL believes that community involvement is the key to building client relationships.

To better assist consumers with becoming informed buyers and sellers, REL Real Estate and Loan School has made the following workshops available to the community. Under the Mentorship Program, REL will work with a group of agents by conducting community seminars as a marketing tool. Just call us when you have a group interested in any of the workshops shown below, and we will schedule a convenient workshop for you.