Mentoring & Team Building Program

Help you Market via Workshops!

REL has a Mentoring Program for agents who have completed our trainings.  Personal Consultation with each agent can be arranged.

Our Team Building Program is intended for agents who need moral support marketing to the community. REL believes that community involvement is the key to building client relationships. To better assist consumers with becoming informed buyers and sellers,  REL Real Estate and Loan School has made the following workshops available to the community.  Under the Mentorship Program, REL will work with a group of agents by conducting community seminars as a marketing tool for the agents. Just call us when you have a group interested in any of the workshops shown below, and we will schedule a workshop that is convenient for you.

Real Estate and Mortgage Workshops

Real Estate and Mortgage Workshops

  1.  Why Pay Rent When you can OWN! Learn about the processes of mortgage finance, from how to qualify for a loan to understanding the options you have and the numerous loan programs available to you. (2 hours)
  2.  Make Home Buying WORK for YOU! Focus on real estate issues such as the intricate strategies used in negotiation and the legal ramifications with which buyers need to be familiar. (2 hours)
  3.  Investing in Real Estate. Learn the pros and cons of investing in real estate and the power of leveraging. (2 hours)
  4.  How to Sell your Home for TOP  DOLLARS! Learn tips on what buyers look for in a home and how you can market your home and sell it for the highest price on the block. (1-1/2 hours)
Credit Issues Workshops

Credit Issues Workshops

1.  Analyze a Credit Report. Learn everything you need to know about a credit report--what is a FICO score and how one can improve on one's scores. (1 hour)

2.  Credit CPR. Focus on credit problem issues and what one can do to resolve these problems. (1 hour)

Mastering Your Money Workshops

Mastering Your Money Workshops

  1. Money Management. Analyze the issues behind spending and create a spending plan that is right for you. (6 hours)
  2. Holiday Survival. Holidays are often stressful times. Learn how to set priorities and make a holiday spending plan (1-1/2 hours)
  3. Raising Money Smart Kids. This workshop is ideal for young people who have difficulty managing money.  There are helpful tips for parents to teach their kids. (1 hour)
  4. Surviving on Less. Focus on an emergency spending plan and tips on how to stretch your dollars. (1 hour)

Financial Planning Workshop

  1. Wealth Builder. We will discuss the secrets to financial independence and the benefits of planning ahead. (1-1/2 hours)

Key Benefits

  • A great way to work in a team environment
  • Build your clientele with a professional
  • A cost-effective way to draw new clients