San Francisco, CA

Real Estate and Loan Training Program for San Francisco, CA

Real estate and mortgage origination is a lucrative business in which you can help others find the home that they want or sell their own for a profit, all the while making a solid living for yourself. If you want to begin the journey into real estate, or if you already have your license and want to advance your education, consider taking courses from a knowledgeable instructor in both real estate and loan with REL: Real Estate and Loan School.

Led by Mary Shoane, you will receive a comprehensive education that will provide you with the tools necessary to be a successful real estate agent or loan professional. Our training programs can educate those in and around San Francisco, CA. Continue reading to find out more. (Sponsor #S0408)

REL: Real-estate and loan school

Our Training Programs

If you are looking for a real estate training program for pre-licensees and licensed agents, rest assured that we offer courses covering a variety of topics, including an instructor-led class to get your license as well as trainings for licensed agents in the listing, selling, and sales and marketing, and team building. Furthermore, if you are looking to get your MLO license, we offer a SAFE course as well as Mortgage Loan Origination training for those new to the field.

We want to see you succeed and feel comfortable in your role as a real estate agent and mortgage loan originator. Reach out to us today to get started at (408) 264-1761. You can also fill out our online contact form.