Selling Agent Training

Selling Agent Training (Buyer's Agent)

Objectives: This 10-hour workshop is specifically designed for the agent of the buyer. We will cover an array of topics: from sales and marketing techniques to understanding contract language. We will show you a step-by-step guide to a seamless closing. Finally, we have added a special component to this course: After you have completed the course, you will be teamed up with other graduates and will be working with the instructor on a marketing plan to get leads. The instructor will conduct a community workshop for the graduates.

Session 1: Before you show homes to the buyer

  • 1 Tips on prospecting for buyers
  • 2 How to pre-qualify a buyer
  • 3 How to show homes to buyers
  • 4 DOs and DONTs with buyers

Session 2: Writing up an Offer

  • 1 Negotiation tools to use when making an offer
  • 2 An in-depth look at an Estimated Buyer Costs Sheet
  • 3 How to beat the competitors and get your offer accepted

Session 3: The Residential Purchase Contract

  • 1 Review key points that will make or break a deal
  • 2 Exit Strategies for the buyer in the contract
  • 3 Liquidated Damage-how it really works
  • 4 Have a thorough understanding of the Residential Purchase Contract
  • 5 How is the buyer's agent protected in the contract
  • 6 How to be certain you get your commission

Session 4: What to do after the offer is accepted

  • 1 Step-by-Step Guide to closing a transaction
  • 2 How to be your own transaction coordinator
  • 3 Review of all materials learned: from contracts to sales Strategies