Listing Agent Training


These workshops are intended for licensed agents in real estate.  Upon completion of the workshops, you will be given a certificate. Ask about our group rates.

Listing Agent Training (Seller's Agent)

Objectives: This 10-hour workshop entails a segment on sales techniques and a comprehensive understanding of legal duties and obligations between agent and client. For those in real estate without the benefit of training, you will be given a step-by-step guide from prospecting to close, the intricate details of a listing transaction, and marketing tips. Finally, you will examine case studies that can prevent you from potential liabilities.

Session 1: Marketing Tips

  • 1 Common mistakes made by sellers
  • 2 Tips to generate a referral base clientele
  • 3 Getting leads without costing you a fortune
  • 4 How to generate more leads from a listing

Session 2: The Intricate Process of a Listing

  • 1 What to do before a listing presentation
  • 2 Surefire ways to a confirmed listing
  • 3 Steps to take at staging a home

Session 3: Sales Presentation

  • 1 How to compile a presentation portfolio
  • 2 Know the fees and taxes on an Estimated Seller�s Proceeds
  • 3 Factors to determine the best list price

Session 4: Understand the Listing Contract

  • 1 Agency Disclosure: What is �dual agency�
  • 2 Examine key points of the Listing Contract
  • 3 How to ensure the buyer closes the transaction
  • 4 How to protect the seller from liability

Session 5: Disclosures for Sellers

  • 1 The importance of TDS, Natural Hazards, and other disclosures
  • 2 Consequences of Misrepresentation and Negligence
  • 3 Test your knowledge: contract language with interactive games
  • 4 Completing a mock listing contract

Session 6: Risk Management

  • 1 Examine legal actions against real estate broker/agent
  • 2 Avoid the most common legal cases of claims
  • 3 More Scenario cases and determine who wins the case