Sales and Marketing Training

Step Up: Sales & Marketing Training

This workshop is specifically designed for the licensed agents who want to expand their client base and increase their sales volume. Our step-by-step approach walks you through the sales process: from marketing tips, getting an appointment with ease, making a sales presentation, to handling difficult objections. We will also show you ways to be a great communicator and listener, essential tools in the making of a high - producing agent. (6 hours)

Session 1: Establishing a Business Portfolio

  • 1 Personality Traits for a Successful Agent
  • 2 Methods of Prospecting
  • 3 How to source your contacts
  • 4 How to Put Together a Profile
  • 5 Project: Write A Profile

Session 2: Prepare a Marketing Plan

  • 1 Prospecting Tips
  • 2 What Makes you Different
  • 3 Marketing Ideas that have been proven Successful
  • 4 10 More Marketing Ideas that Don�t Cost you a Fortune
  • 5 Project: proposal for short-term and long-term marketing plan

Session 3: Making a Sales Presentation

  • 1 Turn prospects into clients in 6 easy steps
  • 2 Get the next appointment by applying the art of small talk
  • 3 How to interpret body language and use it to your advantage
  • 4 Perfecting the sales language
  • 5 Improve your tonality
  • 6 Clearly articulate the language with sincerity and competence
  • 7 Preparing a Sales Presentation

Session 4: How to Win over Objections

  • 1 Steps to take when You Have an Objection
  • 2 Learn to write a Script using your Own Voice
  • 3 Identify your client�s Needs vs. Wants
  • 4 How to turn an Objection to a Benefit
  • 5 Presentation: Role Play Handling Objections